FFXVGUIDE.COM was created by a group of passionate Final Fantasy fans that have been eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy XV since we first heard about its development back in 2006. Because of the love and passion that we have, we wanted to do something about it. Making a fansite fully devoted to Final Fantasy XV, aiming to provide valuable information and news to other FF fellows was our conclusion.

Information provided here is written based on our research, experience, analysis, feedback, and Active Time Reports from the developers. We are trying our best to cover the game in all aspects and in as much detail as possible. The site will be regularly updated to make sure that all information is up-to-date.

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What can be found here:

Since Final Fantasy XV is pretty big, we separated our site into two styles:

Wikipedia style

This section is mainly about the core FFXV gameplay:

  • Ascension – All available skill nodes for all four main characters and character progressions
  • Buddies – All four main characters and other guest party members’ backgrounds, skills, and abilities
  • Chocobo – Information related to our beloved yellow bird can be found here
  • Combat – Everything you need to know about the game combat system from basics to advanced gameplay.
  • Quest – Main quests, side quests, and even minigames
  • Regalia – Everything about the car from skins, customization choices, to gameplay
  • Story – Summary of the great story of Final Fantasy XV
  • Summon – Details on all available summons, both major and minor
  • Map – Size, cities, towns, and points of interest
  • Pre-Order – Created especially for those who still haven’t purchased the game yet. All pre-order bonuses from major retailers are listed here.


As our aim is to provide all-inclusive content, the following categories were created:

  • News – All Final Fantasy XV news and updates can be found here
  • Gameplay – This is for everything related to gameplay from story progression to combat
  • Guide – How to get the most out of magic? What’s the best way to use techniques? All answers await here
  • Leveling – What’s the best way to level? Where to farm? Everything related to leveling is here
  • Development – Read the game development from character, story, monster, to combat system

Not only that, but we also created a facebook page aiming to share news from various credible source as soon as it comes out. Do not forget to “like” it! And in case you want to say “Hi” or have any suggestions, you can contact us via our page as well 🙂

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