Permanent Party Members

Final Fantasy XV features three companion characters who will accompany Noctis, the main character, throughout the game. Each companion character has his own special set of skills that round out the party. The three companions are Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto. Cor occasionally accompanies Noctis on his adventures.

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Noctis Lucis Caelum is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XV. The story of the game follows Noctis and his buddies’ journey away from his homeland to fulfill his destiny following a marriage to Lady Lunafreya. Being the son of King Regis, Noctis is set to take over the throne and protect his kingdom Lucis including keeping the shield barrier intact. Noctis’ journey leads him to find out that his homeland is attacked by Niflhelm and his father have been reported killed. However, he must continue pushing towards the city of Altissia to find Luna and reclaim back the throne.

Being the heir of Lucis throne, Noctis has the skill of telekinesis allowing him to warping around the battle. He can use all types of weapons including heavy swords, spears, machineries or standard swords to rid foes. His main overall ability is warping his body to the location which he throws his weapon. This allows him to swiftly move around the battlefield and gives him ample time to attack bosses and foes.

Noctis also has a “Limit Break” ability that activates a royal arms barrier around his body to prevent damage from enemies and bosses and attack them at the same time. Noctis also has combat ascension abilities that can improve his damage and teach him all of the new skills as they increase. Players will utilize these upgrades to defeat big bosses and groups of enemies throughout the game.

Outside of battle, Noctis has a skill to fish, which helps to provide additional cooking ingredients to the party. His fishing skill has ten overall levels, and to reach level ten the player will need to find hidden prime fishing spots and fish around the world throughout the game. With all the fish Noctis catches, Ignis can cook them and increase his skills as well. The cooked fish will provide buffs to the party and assist players overall when battling throughout the next day.

Ignis FFXVIgnis

Ignis is a melee fighter and does not use weapons. As a combatant, his damage output is the lowest of the companion characters. Instead of dealing more damage, his attacks are meant to enhance other character’s abilities and disrupt enemy attacks. In classical terms, Ignis’ abilities can be classified as crowd control. He employs a variety of stuns, slows, and distractions that allow other characters to escape difficult situations.

Ignis moves very quickly, and his attacks are among the fastest in the game. Typically, Ignis does not remain in the thick of the fighting for long. Ignis prefers to launch an attack, move away from the fighting, and then re-engage when his abilities are no longer on cool down. He frequently fight near Noctis and protect him of incoming attacks. In addition, he supplies Noctis with strategic information.

While camping, he will cook meals providing positive buffs to all party members for the next entire day. Food buff is ranged from increasing damage output, status resistant to increasing amount of experience.

Ignis can cook at least 18 recipes including western style’s salad, Japanese rice roll, and even a popular Thai food made from fried fish mixed with chili sauce. As soon as all necessary ingredients are obtained, he will learn how to cook a new food automatically.

Ignis is also a driver when an automatic driving mode is activated.

Gladiolus FFXVGladiolus

Like Noctis, Gladiolus is a melee fighter who uses a colossal sword. Gladiolus has moderate damage output in comparison to the other companions. His attacks are slow, sweeping, and usually inflict area of effect damage against foes. However, Gladiolus has a large amount of health and incredible defenses. Most of his attacks also generate threat. In classical terms, Gladiolus’ would be referred to as a tank. His threat generation removes the focus of enemy attacks from Noctis and other companions. While enemies attack Gladiolus, Noctis and the other companions can focus on defeating an enemy without being attacked themselves.

Gladiolus moves rather slowly. His attacks are also slow, but if he lands a hit many enemies are stunned, knocked down, or knocked back. Gladiolus is usually found in the middle of a horde of enemies. He prefers to generate threat in the middle of as many enemies as possible, which allows other characters to perform tasks unimpeded. He usually asks Noctis not to advance too far ahead. Gladiolus also cautions Noctis against generating too much threat.

Glariolus is a Noctis’ personal combat trainer in camping haven.

Prompto FFXVPrompto

Unlike the other characters, Prompto is a ranged fighter who uses a variety of pistols. Prompto has high damage output in comparison to the other companions. Apart from Noctis, he does the most damage of any character. His attacks range in speed and utility. Some of his attacks are area-of-effect while others unleash high single-target damage. In classic terms, Prompto would be considered ranged DPS or ranged glass cannon. Prompto’s abilities rely on having distance between himself and enemies. While other characters engage enemies in melee range, Prompto can do high amounts of damage from afar.

Prompto moves at an average pace. He does not have the speed or teleport abilities that Ignis or Noctis have, but his animations are faster than the other companion animations. Prompto is usually on the outskirts of a battle and fairly distant from enemies. He is most effective when he does not have to move, which allows him to focus on dealing as much damage as possible. In combat, he cheers for Noctis after witnessing a stylish or brutal move.

Prompto is a party photographer keeping track of the party road trip progression. Pictures can be viewed inside the gallery and a player has an option to share to social media directly.

Guest Party Members

Cor LeonisCor

While not a full-time companion, Cor occasionally appears to help Noctis. Cor is a melee character with high damage output. He uses a katana and is fairly light on his feet.

Cor moves quickly. He is most effective when behind enemies and not being attacked. Despite being melee, he prefers to target single enemies who are away from the main group.


Iris Amicitia is a younger sister of Noctis’ personal guard, Gladiolus. She had been showing a love affection toward Noctis since her childhood and even later asked him for a date. Iris’s weapon is similar to Lulu from FFX using a moogle doll to rampage upon enemies.

Like her older brother, Iris is specialized in a close quarters combat and can make a really decisive decision even during the hard situation. Some fans even think of her as the reincarnation of Tifa from Final Fantasy VII.

ffxv-lunafreyaLunafreya (Possible)

Lunafreya, or Luna in short, is Noctis’ childhood friend and his bride-to-be. Being an oracle, Luna has the power to speak with God. She is using her ability to stop the “Plague of the Stars” bringing the EOS into darkness as well as helping Noctis to fulfill his destiny.

Lunafreya is the princess of Tenebra which is currently being dominated by Niflheim. Unlike Cor who occasionally joins the party, a player will instead join Luna’s and support her.