Iconic yellow birds who are loved by players all of over the world, Chocobos, make their return in Final Fantasy XV. Despite of not being as quick as the Regalia, Chocobos can take a player to several places that are inaccessible to the car. They are not limited to a road and can run, jump, glide, dash, and even swim.

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Unlike previous installments, a player have a chance to engage a fight while riding Chocobos. Sometimes, Chocobos will avoid the enemies, and sometimes they just run away leaving the party behind. It depends on player’s relationship with Chocobos increasing by type of Food. In addition, food increases Chocobos’ stamina as well and keep them running relentlessly.

Refer to the recent 50 minutes gameplay, a player can start renting Chocobos from the Chocobo post during the second chapters after the one-eye behemoth is beaten. Rented Chocobos can be called anytime by a chocobo’s whistle. After dismounted, they will follow a party for a moment and finally disappear.

While riding Chocobos, a special Chocobo’s track will be played.


A player can also play several minigames with Chocobo inside a chocobo post. Minigames include having a chocobo race with other characters such as prompto, time trial, and so on. Some of these minigames are a part of only-for-fun quests. Winning a chocobo race provides a decorative item, a medal.

Chocobos’ color can be dyed with seeds and fruits, mostly obtained inside the forest all over the Eos.

Chocobo Rental

Chocobo Rental can be seen throughout the world of EOS. This should be a place where a player and rent Chocobos after beating the deadeye Behemoth. Unlike Chocobo Outpost, the only available feature from this rental is to rent Chocobos.