Background and Ability of the FFXV’s Protagonist: Noctis


Apart from its technical and graphical marvels, Final Fantasy XV looks to feature some truly interesting and human characters. Chief among them is the protagonist, Noctis Lucis Caelum. Noctis is sole heir to the throne of the kingdom of Lucis, the last remaining nation to possess the legendary crystals of magic, but finds himself outcast as the country is invaded and taken over by the militant nation of Niflheim. Players will follow Noctis on his quest to liberate his nation from the tyrannical invaders and save his people.

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FFXV NoctisThe Prince of Lucis is said to be both extremely rebellious, and extremely dedicated. He has never been much of a fan of rules and restrictions, and tends to disregard them in favour of acting in his own way. However, despite his strong will, he is very loyal to his kingdom and its people. Before the coup, he worked tirelessly to protect them from the marauders, bandits, and other threats. Now, the price will work even harder to save them from the greatest evil the country has ever known.

In battle, Noctis is no man to underestimate. As a member of the royal family of Lucis, he has access to incredible magic powers, including the ability to cast magic spells, the power to summon a great variety of weapons out of thin air, and even the telekinetic ability to control them with his mind. Noctis even has the power of teleportation, which he can use to both rapidly approach his foes and to dodge otherwise fatal attacks. Noctis is also a skilled warrior in hand to hand combat, and is proficient in most every kind of weapon, from swords, to axes, to firearms. Combining this martial expertise with his royal abilities, the prince is an extremely lethal combatant worthy of his reputation.

Noctis is also aided in his journey by a number of his closest friends. Always at his side is Gladiolus Amicitia, a giant of a man who acts as the prince’s bodyguard, and considers him almost like a brother. He is also joined by Ignis Scientia, an intelligent man that acts as his advisor and driver, and Prompto Argentum, a charming outlaw of common blood who’s been the prince’s friend since childhood. With these three, Noctis works hard to protect his country and its people from those who would see it to ruin, no matter what the cost.