Chocobo Breeding and Training System

Good news for all chocobo lover. As known from the demo, you are able to ride a chocobo in Final Fantasy XV and travel from place to place. And that’s not all. Hajime Tabata, the game director, confirmed during PlayStation Access Talk on April 4, 2016 that you are able to breed and train the beloved yellow bird.

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Chocobo Riding Since an Early Game

An all-male party will have a chance to ride chocobos in an early game from place to place. Of cause, this yellow bird isn’t able to fly but it can speed up traveling a lot with special chocobo song. The chocobo can run, drift, jump, glide, and dash. Also, some area is only accessible by riding it.

You can find this wiz chocobo post early in the game

You can find this wiz chocobo post early in the game


Battle with Chocobo

Unlike the previous series, a player can still encounter battles while riding chocobos. However, the bird will fight enemies instead of a party. This depends on current chocobo’s status and situation. It may fight enemies themselves, run away, or, worse, flee and leave the party to engage a battle.

Food Becoming More Important

Food plays an important part in raising chocobos. Good food gives chocobo’s stamina causing them to avoid battles. On the other hand, if the bad food is provided, chocobo tends to run into a group of enemies and leave a party to fight alone.

Chocobo Whistle

Players can mount chocobos whenever they want using a chocobo whistle. They will even follow a party after dismount. Currently, there are 2 known ways to have chocobos: catching and renting from a chocobo farm such as Wiz Chocobo Post.


As confirmed by Tabata, player will be able to breed chocobos in Final Fantasy XV. However, it’s still unknown on how to do. It’s highly possible that the method will be similar to previous installments by mating two quality chocobos together with a specific food.

Expected Available Chocobo Color

Black chocobo is spotted in the demo located at Wiz Chocobo Post. It’s believed that there will be at least 5 chocobo colors in the Final Fantasy as well starting from yellow to gold, which is the best chocobo so far being able to do everything from running, climbing, swimming, and even flying.