FFXV Combat System Based on Platinum Demo

Final Fantasy XV: Platinum Demo was released at the end of March 2016. Within the game, a player is able to play as a young Noctis traveling in his dream with the Carbuncle in the Alice in Wonderland style. At a later point of the game, a player can play as an adult Noctis to fight with a gigantic iron knight. This gives us an idea of what the combat in FFXV will be before the game actual release.

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Combat in FFXV has been changed again. Please visit this page for an updated version.


Attacks can be performed by holding down the attack button. This lets Noctis carry out a basic attack combo. They are also a various attack performed by holding a directional button while attacking. For example, the broadsword will do a quick down swing. Other weapons also have a different attack in a similar fashion. A sword special attack is a back flip to avoid enemy’s attack if the back direction button is held while attacking.

There are even more attacks that can be done if the attack button is pressed once and then released. And “attack” will appear on the screen allowing Noctis to perform a stronger attack.

For example, the broadsword, if the attack button is held down, Noctis can do a charge attack dealing a massive damage to an enemy.

Weapon switching is immediate allowing you to immediately switch a weapon performing combos. And you can also quickly attack with a sword and then instantly switch to a shield blocking all incoming attacks. And then switch back to a sword to attack again.

Similarly, various combinations are possible when you have more weapons in possession.



There are two types of warping. First one, when the warp button is held down, a player can teleport to various terrain points, quickly regenerates HP and MP. The second type of warping is a quick warp. You only need to push a warp button allowing you to teleport for a certain distance in front.

If an enemy is locked on, then a player can execute a warp-strike. Different weapons have a different condition of warping. For example, you cannot warp to a terrain point using a broadsword. A shuriken warp-strike requires a certain distance to strike an enemy while the airstep sword requires a larger distance.

You can also parry and counter an enemy attack by following the onscreen command. This is basically a quick time event depending on enemy attacks. It also depends on the current equipped weapon as well. A different weapon gives a different result.

Air Combos

Air combos depend on the equipped weapon. A heavy weapon like a broadsword does not allow an air combo while light weapons such as an airstep sword and shuriken do. Using the directional buttons while attacking can let a player stay in the airborne indefinitely. Or at least until the MP runs out since staying airborne require MP.

Staying airborne also helps to avoid some ground based attacks.

Armiger techniques can be used by pressing L1+R1 on the controller together. This causes various weapons to circle around Noctis. When attacking with “Armiger” active, various phantom weapons can strike the enemy from above increasing the overall damage.

The Armiger bar in the UI of the bottom left corner consistency decrease when this ability is active. The player can fill the bar up by several actions such as attacking and dodging.


Magic in this game is more like using an item. You can harvest elemental energy across the world that converts into a magical item such as fire, blizzard, and thunder.

Magic can be used by selecting weapon UI in the bottom left corner and then pressing an attack button. This brings an attack zone where a player can move using a left stick to determine a spot to execute the spell. The player can also lock on to an enemy for a quick magic target. This, however, does not follow an enemy. Enemies with fast movement speed can easily get out of the range of the spell.

magic in platinum demo

Young Noctis is ready to throw a fireball

Other Interesting Information

MP for FFXV isn’t used for magic but for dodging, warping and other related actions, possibly summon as well. The button left is the weapon UI which shows 4 weapons that can be instantly changed by pressing D-Pad. And the blue ring outside the weapon UI is for Armiger aka phantom sword skills.

Equipment menu can be opened by pressing the touch pad. You are able to assign a specific weapon to different directional buttons.

Parrying and dodge work by simply pressing down the guard button, currently at “L1”, and Noctis will automatically dodge an attack. This, however, consumes MP, and not all attack can be dodged.

If you have a shield weapon selected, you can even attack an enemy using the guard button before the enemy attack connects.