10 Reasons Why You Should Play Final Fantasy XV

While you probably know what a roleplaying game (RPG) is, you may not know that the genre is further split into two differing halves: “w” RPGs and “j” RPGs. These stand for “Western” and “Japanese” and the term refers to where the game was developed. One popular Western example is The Elder Scrolls series. For JRPGs, the best series to look at is Final Fantasy, the latest addition of which is FFXV. So why do the terms “jrpgs” and “wrpgs” exist? Buying a JRPG isn’t going to mean all the text will be in Japanese. It may have some different art styles or not take place in medieval Europe, but what’s so big about that? RPGs in general almost never take place in the exact same locale, so why have different terms?

There are a number of differences when it comes to Japanese RPGs, and some of them may surprise you. When it comes to JRPGs, the best example to look at is the Final Fantasy series, particularly their latest installment to the collection, Final Fantasy XV. Let’s take a look and see just why Final Fantasy has charmed so many people throughout its existence:

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  • Character Driven
    One of the biggest hallmarks in WRPGs is in character customization, choices, and in depth dialogue options. While a casual viewer might think that more freedom is always better, all these dialogue options are often put in a game at the sacrifice of a much deeper and more compelling story. Final Fantasy gives players much more of a cinematic experience that delivers a compelling story that won’t have your character deciding to do saintly things one second and a moment later becoming an evil villain like they’re crazy. The characters make sense, have real motivations, experience deep personal development, and really come to life in the same way a television or movie character would. This is even truer in the 15th installment of the game, where each player has a unique back story and will really come to life in FFXV.
  • Light Hearted
    WRPGs tend to be moving towards grimness, darkness, and grit, which can be fun for awhile but can quickly become tedious to gamers that want more variety. Final Fantasy XV will feature a full cast of main characters that will interact with one another the way real people will: friends goof off, laugh, and try to get through tough experiences with a smile on their face. Players will really come to love all of the protagonists in FFXV.
  • Stat System
    Stat systems are another thing people love about JRPG games like Final Fantasy, and their newest installment: Final Fantasy XV (15) is going to have a completely realized system full of a ton of unique buffs, leveling, and interesting mechanics like day-night cycles.
  • Art Style
    The style of art is one of the most unique things when it comes to Final Fantasy, and it’s one of the first reasons that people get into this unique genre of JRPGs. Final Fantasy tends to be more colorful, more fantastical, and much more heavily stylized than what’s seen in western games, which has a tendency to focus on gritty realism. There’s an influence from both anime and classic Japanese art schools that really gives the player a sense that they’re walking into something like a dreamscape. With the Final Fantasy series, these worlds are always painstakingly crafted carefully with an eye for detail and symbolic depth. Aside from that, the character design is much tighter, as there is less of an emphasis on customization – but that allows for a much more cohesive design. In particular, Final Fantasy XV keeps to the age old tradition of the JRPG aesthetic and will transport players into a beautifully stylized world that’s been in the works for years by some of the best concept artists in Japan.
Ramuh summon in ffxv

Ramuh summon in final fantasy xv


  • Multi-Platform options
    Originally, Final Fantasy XV was going to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, something that was not unexpected but would limit the number of people who had access to this game. However, during E3 2013, it was revealed that this game was going to be released for both Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. If you were worried that you couldn’t play this popular and enticing game without the right equipment, worry no more!
  • Amazing Story
    For many people, the Final Fantasy Franchise is one that has always revolved around the story, and it seems that Final Fantasy XV is no different. This game features the story of Noctis, the heir to a dynasty charged with proecting a sacred artificat. This royal character is aided during his quest by a wide variety of friends and companions, and given Final Fantasy’s deep and textured story over the past decades, Noctis’s tale will not fail to disappoint.
  • Cool Travel
    The days of plodding slowly across a pixilated map are long gone, and with Final Fantasy XV, the player as Noctis has gained access to the power to teleport and to the invention of the car. For fans who have always been displeased with the slow pace of the former Final Fantasy games, this innovation is nothing short of revolutionary.
  • Fantastic New Weapons
    Noctis is a prince trained for battle, and his arsenal shows it. As Noctis, the player has access to everything from lances to spears to swords, and in many cases, because Noctis can control them with his mind, they can hover around the character, shielding him from harm.
  • Amazing Visuals
    Final Fantasy games have always been considered one of the cornerstones of aesthetics for the video gaming world, but there are high expectations for Final Fantasy XV. The demos released have shown a textured world with lush colors, realistic textures, and a type of design that is second to none. Final Fantasy has something for both the hardcore gamer and the artist who loves the beauty of modern games.
  • Seamless Combat
    The transition to the battle scene is a thing of the past, and with Final Fantasy XV, we have combat that is integrated seamlessly into the progression in the world. This is a wonderful way to keep the feel of the world realistic, and in this game, the player controls only Noctis. The real-time combat might disappoint some traditionalists, but with the world moving towards something a lot more streamlined, this is a welcome change.

Overall, people will love FFXV because of all the unique things it’s bringing to the table of game design. The Final Fantasy series has been a great example of this throughout the years ever since first coming into existence in the 80s. Their newest installment, number fifteen (although there have been much more Final Fantasy games than fifteen if you include all the sequels and offshoots!), is really shaping up to become another epic masterpiece that the developers of the series have become known for.

main characters in final fantasy xv