FFXV Combat Guide: Basic Tricks and Tricks

With a new real-time system, combat in Final Fantasy is more complex than it looks. Without a proper understanding on how it works, you might get wreaked havoc even by a normal enemy. This article will help you understand significantly combat mechanics including tricks and tips to get the most out of it.
Mastering these techniques mean that you can kill enemies faster, process the game faster, and even leveling quicker from bonus experience.

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Get Benefits from Food Buff

Unless Ignis’ meal last night is great, you should go to a diner and have some food for additional food buffs before heading out on a journey. It can be anything within the price you can afford and come with HP and attack bonus. Since food buff only lasts for a day, this trick should be omitted if you only plan to just doing mini games or fishing.

In case you do not have enough gil, doing a hunting quest is recommended. Or, you just only sell items you do not need.

Keep the Defense Up

In Final Fantasy XV combat, you cannot just keep holding the attack button. Instead, it is far better to learn when to attack and when to defense in order to avoid damage as well as killing an enemy as fast as possible. The key defense mechanic is to parry an attack. After parrying, you can perform a counter, regularly with your friend, dealing damage several times higher than a normal attack.

However, not all attacks can be parried. For that, you just only need to move around and dodge it yourself. Although dodging costs some MP, it protects you from most attacks.

Defending is especially recommended while against a mobile yet unpredictable enemy or enemies in a pack. Wait around for the right chance to parry and make a counter attack. This combo alone can almost instantly kill a weak enemy.

ffxv parry link attack

Don’t Waste Technique Bar

A technique green bar on the bottom-left corner slowly fills up during battle after you take or deal damage to enemies. When available, Noctis asks his comrades to perform a specific technique attack inflicting severe damage to enemies. Use it whenever you can in order to maximize its efficiency. In addition, using a technique is the only way to level up that technique.

Since Noctis will not take any damage during an animation, a technique attack can be used to avoid a fatal damage as well. In addition, if you are being overwhelmed by enemies, a couple of technique attacks can greatly make the whole situation better. After using a technique, be ready to defense to prevent any surprise attack.

Warp-Striking from Afar

Warp-striking damage is greater when it is done from afar. Additionally, it also staggers an opponent allowing you to attack it continuously without getting a hit back. However, stagger status only last for a few seconds.

Recovering MP with Warp Points

When your MP is about to run out, warping to any warp point can instantly regenerate your MP and allow you to continue in a fight right away. Additionally, it can be used as an escape point, so that you can see the battle in an overview and decide what to do next.

ffxv warp shift

Attack from Behind

It is important to keep moving while attacking and look for an opportunity to strike an enemy from behind. Doing so, you can strike a critical hit and regularly performing a link attack with the closest buddy to perform an additional damage.

It addition, keep in mind to never attack an enemy head-on unless you can perfectly predict their moves. If monsters are always chasing you, just warp to a warp point, and wait for a chance to perform a warp-strike to an enemy’s back.

Many times you will encounter an enemy that can inflict a serious damage in a single attack. Instead on fighting it directly, move around behind your friends and wait for a chance to attack from behind with a greatsword and then switch back to other weapons. And do not forget to use a technique attack.

Finishing Blow for an Additional AP

AP or an ability point is a must in FFXV character progression. Normally, it can be obtained in several ways such as leveling up, certain quests, conversation, and so on. Additionally, finishing an enemy in a special way such as link attacks with friends, counter attacks, back attacks, and warp-strike can obtain an additional AP as a bonus.

So, when an enemy is about to die, you should quickly target that enemy and unleash the aforementioned attack before your friends kill it. The two easiest ways are to attack it from behind or just simply warp-striking.

Leveling Faster with S Ranks in Combat

Extra exp will be provided when you get an S rank from parry, back attack, and offense after combat. It may look impossible especially during your first couple of hours in the game. After you get used to the game combat system, it should be no problem to acquire all S ranks at all.

Just remember to move around, wait for a chance to attack whether from behind or after a successful parry.

Be Careful of Attacking Animation

While Noctis is in an animation of attacking enemies, you cannot do anything with it. You cannot dodge, parry an attack, or even change a weapon in the middle of an attacking animation. So, before you hold an attack button for a consecutive strike, make sure that an enemy is unable to fight you back such as being frozen from blizzard, or staggered from warp-striking. Otherwise, it is better to wait for a chance to parry or execute a back attack.

Always Equip the Best Available Weapons

This tip might be simply yet necessary. No matter how well you are in the game real-time combat, you cannot deal heavy damage if a currently equipped weapon is weak. So, it is important to always wear the best available weapon at that time. At least, you should always check any weapon NPCs you find on the road.

ffxv back attack