Gaining AP in Final Fantasy XV

One of Final Fantasy XV’s key features is the AP (Ability Point) system. This system allows players to customize their characters and abilities according to their play style. They can be used to unlock new active skills, passive abilities, and more for your characters. So you’re obviously going to want a lot of them, especially since your AP is shared between all four of your characters.

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Leveling Up

The most common way you’ll probably use for gaining AP is by leveling up. Just like in any previous Final Fantasy game, this is done simply by fighting monsters. Just so we’re clear though, leveling up in Final Fantasy XV is a bit more complicated than others in the series. First of all, after you’re battle(s), you’ll want your characters to rest and eat. This is when all the accumulated experience points are given to your characters, and when they’ll level up. Once your character gains a level, he’ll not only gain the increased stats that come with it, he’ll also get a sizeable chunk of AP. And each level of each character will gain that AP, so when all four characters level up at once, you can rake in some serious AP, especially if they level multiple times per rest stop. And to make it even sweeter, when all four characters level up at once, you’ll gain a bit of extra AP.

ffxv leveling while camping

AP From Battles

Don’t worry, there are more ways to gain AP from battles than leveling up afterwards. Battle challenges are kind of like little side quests that pop up from time to time in battle. Don’t worry, you won’t need to do anything like a fetch quest or kill ten of whatever you happen to be fighting. Rather, you’ll need to do certain actions a specified number of times within a given time limit. This can be anything from dodging an attack three times or casting a certain spell five times. But if you can pull it off, you’ll gain even more AP to spend.

Not only that, you can gain an extra AP for finishing off your enemies in a flashy way. Delivering the final blow using a parry attack, or more advanced techniques called the Link Strike and Warp Strike will work. Just be aware that these methods have to be used to deliver the final blow to a monster. But, between that and the occasional battle challenge, you’ll be gaining all the AP you need to build strong characters.


Fighting isn’t the only way to gain AP though. Throughout your journey, you’ll probably end up talking to NPCs along the way. Pay attention to these. Every so often you’ll encounter some extra dialogue options. Depending on which options you pick, you might see a few extra AP roll in. You can even have a chance to have a conversation the other members of your party from time to time. This one won’t get you a lot of points to spend, but it could be the tipping point that lets you get that great new skill or spell you had your eyes on.

Invest in Skills for Additional AP

The final method of gaining AP is through skills. That’s right, there are passive abilities you can buy with AP that gain you even more. You’ve heard that you have to spend money to make money, right? Well, in this case, it’s spend AP to make AP. One of the many skill trees you’ll find in Final Fantasy XV is called the Exploration Tree. This one won’t help you much in combat, but it does serve a very important purpose, and you’ll probably want to invest in as many skills in it as possible as early as you can. Putting points into the skills in this tree will allow you to gain AP from doing a wide variety of actions.

The skills you want in the tree for pure AP gain are: Happy Camping levels one and two, which give AP for camping; both levels of Roadrunning, which rewards you for long road trips; Chocobump, which works the same way as Roadrunning, but or chocobos; Chockojocky, which give AP for winning chocobo races for the first level only;

The second level of Aftertaste, which is for eating a character’s favorite food; the second level of Snapshot, which is for taking pictures using the skill gained with the first level in the skill node; And finally, the first three levels of Angler, which reward you for catching fish, and even more for a big fish. Most of these skills have other levels and effects, but they give other rewards, such as better stat bonuses and more items. Keep that in mind when investing in this particular skill tree.

With Angler, you can both gain additional APs and cooking material at the same time.

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