New Final Fantasy XV Guide is Available. And It’s Fantastic!

Killer Guides has released their Final Fantasy XV guide on the same day as the game’s release, November 29th. Finally, the latest iteration of the famous (and biggest) Japanese RPG franchise, Final Fantasy, is out after a long, long wait.

ffxv_guide_fullThere are many reasons Final Fantasy XV is arguably the most anticipated and overhyped video game title of the past decade or even the whole video game history. Final Fantasy XV was announced (with a very beautiful trailer you can still find today) back in 2006, exactly a decade ago as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, intended as part of the XIII series and the Fabula Nova Crystalis project.

With Versus FFXIII being a mixed bag and too big for Final Fantasy side series, Square Enix rebooted it to be Final Fantasy XV we all know today. Several major overhauls and delays and a decade of wait later, it’s finally released!

Although it has transformed to be the modern, open world RPG instead of its classic turn-based form, the game is still full of stat-grindings, a lot of sidequests and collectibles, and huge explorations to be done. We can expect to invest more than 100 hours of this game, but sadly, long gone are the days where I was still in school and had a lot of spare time for a Final Fantasy title.

Thus, for me, a good and complete, yet spoiler-free guide is necessary this time, so I can enjoy the story without being spoiled,yet I can satisfy my inner completionist-OCD in as most efficient time as possible. KillerGuides has been my source for a lot of good game guides in the past, and seeing their Final Fantasy XV guide, I decided to pre-order it so I can use it with my day-1 copy. After playing for a few days with it, here is what I thought about the guide:

Why Killer Guides?

Let’s be honest, we can kinda know whether the guide writer actually played the game or just a hired writer writing his or her deadline-heavy assignments. Nothing is more annoying than a guide with wrong or vague area descriptions, wrong locations, or even worse, accidentally or intentionally, spoiling the story!

That’s why I’ve loved Killer Guides in the past, their guides are written by passionate gamers just like you and me, and they knew exactly what kind of guide will help gamers. They knew when an item location will be hard to find, and they described it perfectly without being overly descriptive and ruining the linearity of the game, or worse, the story (I’m sure it rang a bell for some if not all of you).

In an open world game such as Final Fantasy XV, the order of taking and finishing side quests will be important, both for time-efficiency and satisfaction for the overall story. I’ve used their guide for the Fallout 4, which in a sense, very similar to this game (open world, quest-based, etc.), with very satisfying results in that regard, and based on what I’ve seen so far (20-hours into Final Fantasy XV and this guide), they also nailed it perfectly this time.

What Can You Expect Within This Guide?

As with any RPG title, but especially a Final Fantasy title, there are several things we can expect from the game: a rich, convoluted story, at least 40 hours+ of main story completion, hundreds of hours of completing side quests, a lot of collectibles, equipment, and secret quests. This guide covers all those basic aspects of this game, and a lot more (that I couldn’t describe since it might be major spoilers).

Here are some you can expect to be found within this KillerGuides guide:

Complete The Game and Hidden Quests
Would the guide help you satisfy that inner Final Fantasy completionist inside you? From what I’ve experienced after 20+ hours into the game, yes! Have you ever experienced missing a notable item of weapon, only to realize it after a few hours more into the game? Most likely you did.

The guide made sure that didn’t happen, all without spoiling the story or skipping areas, making your characters too powerful for the content and ruining the fun. They showed me where to go and what to do with a hardcore gamer perspective in mind.

Side quests? You’ll be happy to know there are over 200 of them in this game, and as I’ve mentioned, knowing the best time to complete each quest will be significant in this kind of game. Again, KillerGuides nailed this part right. They will even warn you when a quest will lead to over grinding, making future contents too easy. You can enjoy the game without worrying about figuring out which side quest to finish first, or even worse, wondering if you’ve missed any.

Leveling and Gils
Leveling in a Final Fantasy game, for me, is a unique experience especially compared to modern western RPGs (Final Fantasy fans will know what I’m talking about). On this guide, KillerGuides provides you with a dedicated guide for level grinding, so you can level in the right place for the minimum time spent, perfect for those without a lot of spare time. KillerGuides will help you making sure your party is leveled enough to clear the content, but not over-leveled to ruin the fun.

As with any Final Fantasy titles, Gil will be your in-game monetary currency, and sometimes, a major source of headaches. This guide will also show you where to farm for money when you need it, all in the most efficient ways possible.

Some Final Fantasy titles are full of missable items and events, that you won’t be able to get once you missed it (unless you start a new game). Some other titles are a bit more forgiving in that matter. Which spectrum will Final Fantasy XV belong to? As I’ve yet to completely finish the game, I’m not sure. However, so far the KillerGuides Final Fantasy XV guide made sure I won’t miss any secret doors, chests, and weapons. This is a huge plus for my inner OCD, as I can rest assure and progress the story without worrying about whether I missed a weapon in the previous area.

Overall Impression
This guide has definitely saved a lot of my precious time, and I can still enjoy every bit of the game without feeling spoiled. I still follow forums, wikis, and online guides, just to make sure whether this guide missed anything, and so far, It hadn’t disappointed me. The guide is also updated frequently, being a PDF format, and all updates are included in the one-time purchase price. This guide definitely lived up to its promise to be spoiler free, comprehensive, and complete.

Bottom line, I’d definitely recommend getting your own copy, as it will definitely save a lot of your time, assuring you to enjoy the best gaming experience ever.