Recommended Abilities and Builds in FFXV

One of the very first questions you have when start playing Final Fantasy XV is how to progress the characters from over 100 abilities separated into 9 categories: magic, recovery, technique, combat, teamwork, stats, exploration, wait mode, and armiger.

Literately, all abilities are useful in their own ways and help your combat experience one way or another. You can decide to build your characters in whatever way you want to play from these choices of abilities.

No matter how you want to build the character, these below abilities are highly recommended. They are useful since the early game, help the combat throughout your journey, and require only a few AP points.

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Basic Recommended Abilities:

Teamwork: Analyze – Automatically scan most enemies’ weaknesses at the onset of battle
With this skill, there is a high chance for Ignis to analyze enemy weakness automatically since the beginning of the battle. It helps you find out which weapon and spell works best on your enemies without having to guess it yourself. Or worse, heal the enemy with your spell.

Teamwork: Link-Up – Boosts link strike damage
Link strike, either from parry or blindside attack, is your main damage output throughout the game. It can easily deal damage 5 times higher than regular attacks. This ability will even increase its damage output.

Combat: Chained Fury – Boost damage dealt when unscathed during chain attacks.
Chained Fury further increases your regular attacks damage when not getting hit by enemies. It means that you can hit harder without having to do anything.

Combat: Stalker – Boosts Blindside Damage
You should practice to attack enemies from behind because of its great damage output. Blindside regularly triggers a link strike with your partners when they are attacking the same target. And this ability will make the whole combo greater.

link attack in final fantasy xv

Combat: Warp Factor – Boost warp-strike damage.
Warp-strike is truly a key to combat in Final Fantasy XV. It allows you to swiftly attack different enemies even in a distance, break appendages, keep you safe, and reward AP when finishing the enemy with this move. In certain situations, you even execute warp-strike more frequent than normal attacks.

Stats: Accessory Slot – Equip two accessories
Accessory is an additional equipment you can wear to increase certain stats as well as prevent abnormal status. More accessories are always nice.

Recovery: Hang In – Increase HP recovery rate while hanging after point-warp
In the beginning of the game, you may think that this skill isn’t important at all. HP will be regenerated anyway after battle. Don’t be careless. Your HP decrease faster than you think. A faster HP regen means that you can continuous to fight quicker and safer. Just only be careful of the stamina.

Technique: Regroup – Bring all allies together in stalwart defense. Rescues from danger and restores HP quickly. Depletes tech bar by two.
This technique turns Ignis to a full support that can instantly restore all party members HP, including those who are in the danger state. It is recommended to unlock this ability early on and use it instead of “Mark”. Let’s Gladiolus and Prompto do the DPS job.

Technique: Enhancement – Imbue Noctis’ weapon with the element his target is weakest to. Depletes tech bar by one
Unless you possess an elemental weapon which is available at a later point of the game, Ignis’ enhancement technique helps a boss fight/hunt to be much easier. Literately, it increases Noctis’ damage by 20% and let you immediately know enemies’ elemental weakness.

Technique: Recoil – Deal heavy damage with machinery by overloading its energy output. Depletes tech bar by two.
This technique lets you think otherwise about Prompto’s capability to deal damage. It works pretty well when facing a few enemies because of the high damage output. Once you get any machinery weapon, unlock Recoil, and you will love it.

prompto with chainsaw

Exploration: Happy Camping – Increase AP gained for making camp
Although this is one and only ability that is related to increasing AP you need from an exploration tree, it is recommended to unlock Happy Camping once you are in Duscae. You should stay in a caravan and eat at the Hammerhead during the first few chapters. It is better for leveling this way.

Midgame Abilities

Once all of the above recommended ability nodes are unlocked, you should have an idea on the way you want to fight. Try some of the following abilities from below and find out which playstyle work best for you.


Powercraft – Enhance potency by 10 when crafting spells. The effects of similar abilities do not stack.
Extra Powercraft – Enhance potency by 30 when crafting spells. The effects of similar abilities do not stack
Elementalism – Absorb more energy from elemental deposits
Elementality – Absorb even more energy from elemental deposits.
Magic Action – Gain AP for using elemancy


The only skill you need from this tree is “Hang in”


Dawnhammer – Deal heavy damage to a single enemy with a powerful greatsword slash. Depletes tech bar by two.
Cyclone – Deal damage to nearby enemies with a fearsome shield shockwave. Depletes tech bar by two.
Tech Strike – Add to the tech bar when Noctis lands attacks.

ffxv combat


Airstep – Use left analog stick + circle to take a step in midair after attacking, one time only
Airslip – Dodge enemy attacks in the midair
Warp Factor 2 – Further boost warp-strike damage
Super Stalker – Further Boost blindside damage


First Shot – Gain first strike against a nearby enemy with a firearm. Adds to tech bar
Venom Fang – Poison an enemy with daggers when Noctis chain attacks it
Engage – Gain first strike by delivering a powerful greatsword slash.
Super Link Up – Further boost link-strike damage

Endgame Abilities

When reaching this point of the game, you should know by now what is your most favorite combat style. Just only focus on that tree to further increase its capability.

Bonuspell – Receive an extra spell when crafting. The effects of similar abilities do not stack.
Super Powercraft – Enhance potency by 50 when crafting spells. The effects of similar abilities do not stack.
Comeback – Fully restore an ally’s HP after taking them out of danger.
Quick Tech – Accelerate tech bar replenishment rate.
Impervious – Negate damage by pressing square (PS4) immediately after being hit.
Point-Blank Warp-Strike – Deliver a critical hit when warp-striking at close range.
Critial Link – Always deliver a critical hit when linkstriking.

Postgame Abilities

You should be pretty powerful by now and unlock all abilities you need. The only option left is to unlock those ultimate abilities that require 999 AP.

Check out this article to learn more on how to obtain ability points.