Final Fantasy XV Guide to Leveling

Final Fantasy XV previously referred to as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, is fifteenth in the main series of the Final Fantasy Games. This particular episode of the Final Fantasy Series, when introduced, was as parts of the installment of Fabula Nova Crystallis. It is still currently under development and is due to be released later on September 30. The game will be available for PlayStation and Xbox, upon its release.

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Let’s take a brief tour of how the leveling system in the Final Fantasy XV actually works.

Leveling Mechanic Based on the Game Director

Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata, in an interview with an Examiner, got to share some of the details about how the leveling systems of this widely and hotly anticipated episode of the Final Fantasy game series.

In the interview, he revealed that some of the mechanics according to the standards of RPG, will be a little bit orthodox. However, it is expected that there will be some differences. The Final Fantasy XV episode takes on an approach that is more oriented on the action as compared to the other entries in the JRPG series.

In the traditional Final Fantasy RPGs, the way that a specific character gains power and goes to another level that is higher are more specific. However, with Final Fantasy XV, it is quite different. Since this particular episode is going to be an RPG based on action, there are some differences it has as compared to the gameplay formula of the traditional RPG.

What we know now from the developers is that the Final Fantasy XV episode will be two threads for leveling up. These include the traditional stat improvement leveling up method as with the other RPGs, and the other thread is based on action- precisely, an enhanced attack combination one can perform. The action based leveling is a means to enhance the combination of attacks a player can do.

More of the possible stuff moves and combat actions will be discovered after the release of the game. A fansite like starts to cover this information based on demo as well.

hajime tabata giving an interview

Cooking and Camping are Essential

One of the most notable things in the demo is the emphasis that has been put in the game allowing for one to explore the world more. Some of them include driving through scenic paths and eating out with friends. This game version features a very prominent cycle of day and night. The days are spent for combat actions while the nights give the players an option to camp or suffer the consequences of staying up.


Just like all other aspects of the game, the night camping has its inspiration drawn from real life. In normal life, staying up for long periods gets to affect how one acts and performs. The same concept is employed in the game. Refusal to sleep affects the character in the game in a negative way. Sleeping for the characters when the night sets in helps them be more spirited or have a positive attitude.

Camping is actually the only way that the players can use up the experience they have gained throughout the day and enable them to level up. Lack of sleep will make the main character of the game Noctis, pay the price as their under-leveled character will have them struggle more to survive. Savvy players can, however, decide to have the characters stay up long without sleep if they would like to challenge a run or try on a low-level.


It has also been revealed that cooking can help the characters and a team level up. This is rather different and sounds ridiculous as compared to what other game titles. It makes sense though when you come to think of it. When the players go in combat, they earn the XP points. By camping, the XP points collected by all the members of your party through the various levels are combined. It also gets to point where you got stuck at a particular level for some time. The only way you can move to another level is by camping out.

During the camps, the cooking is done by Ignis. He is the chef and the driver for the group. By taking the meals, the group you are in charge of gets their HP replenished. They also get status buffs and enjoy a bunch of extra bonuses. Ignis will also have a cooking level system of his own. This level system enables him to learn how to cook a wider variety of meals as the game progresses on.

With the kind of development and the action-oriented approach the development of the Final Fantasy XV has taken, it would be key for a player to figure out the various ways of how to level up since the more one progresses through the game, the tougher the challenges get. It, therefore, calls for extra skills to be able to advance in the game.

cooking and camping

Cooking and camping are a key to leveling in FFXV