Leveling and Ability in Final Fantasy XV Character Progression

Final Fantasy XV will soon be released to fans, and many of them are looking for an edge in hand before they even get their hands on the controller. This quick guide will talk about FFXV’s character progression system, including levelling and abilities, and how it works within the game.

Characters in FFXV can be progressed through both levelling, for increased stats, and abilities.

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Experience point or EXP in short work as you’d imagine. It levels up your characters and increases their stats. To earn EXP you must win battles, or complete quests. Your experience points will accumulate after each battle but won’t be counted towards leveling until you have your party set up a camp site.
Once resting at camp, all EXP earned by you and your teammates will be applied and you squad will immediately level up.

Camping also bestows other benefits to the player’s team. Each of your teammates has a skill that will level up by going into camp. For example, one member is a chief who can prepare meals for the group. These cooked meals are used to apply additional boast to your team. Different meals have different effects, one may increase your health, while another will raise your MP regeneration.

Along with camping there are also inns and hotels. These places offer a greater bonus from an EXP boost gained from spending the night. If you do decide to go to one however, keep an eye on your wallet. The bill for these places can get quite high.

ffxv camping and leveling

Ability Point

AP is the other part of character progression which can be earned from various actions in-game. The first is by leveling up your character, each level up earns you some AP to use. Using special moves to finish off an enemy in battle will also earn AP. A third is by speaking with NPCs or your teammates. Some conversations allow for dialogue trees, and depending on your choices you can earn some extra points for your characters.

Although Ability Points can be earned so many ways, they are always in need. In addition, AP must be shared between Noctis and his friends. All ability upgrades to you and your party must be done from the same point pool. This gives players the choice of how to divvy up points between teammates and Noctis. The tiers offered for AP are: Magic, Recovery, Techniques, Combat, Teamwork, Stats and Exploration.

While your first thoughts may be to build up Noctis, it should be remembered the type of enemies you will face. Leaving your team under leveled means being left alone to deal with a swarm of foes, each attacking from different directions, with no chance to counter or block them all.

Or you could be forced to face a giant bosses alone, once your teammates are taken out of the fight in a single hit, leaving no one to distract it while you’re attempting to get in close and strike without being hit. While you are the most important person in the game, you’re also very vulnerable without support.

Choosing which stats to boost, and how to advance the skills of the group isn’t an easy choice. Depending on your play style it may be a better choice to leave out certain skill or abilities when leveling up. The game even gives you the option to skip camp, and not level up.

There’s still much more to go through, it will have to wait until the official release of the game. Don’t worry though if you get stuck in the game, as a more detailed guide will be available later. What’s written here will help you choose how you want to set up your team as you play FFXV.

ffxv ascension grid