Elemental Magic

The latest addition to Final Fantasy series brings something new to the table with the magic system by separating into ring and elemental magic. The elemental magic system revolves around gather elemental energies and craft powerful spells. A player needs to gather elemental energies, including fire, ice, and thunder and combine them together, sometime with consumable items, to create additional effects. It does not require MP. Elemental energy deposits are found all over the EOS especially near camping haven.

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ffxv lighting spell

Spells Crafting

The elemental energy system allows Noctis to form customized spells using elemental energy. After combing gathered elemental energy, magic spell is crafted and stored into an object known as a magic flask. Initially, only two magic flasks are available but more can be found over the course of the story.

There are three types of elemental energies including fire, ice, and lightning elemental energy. Spell damage depends of the number of energy used while crafting. It is also possible to add items to produce new effects for spells. Some items may allow you to cast a spell multiple times while others will allow you to heal yourself while damaging enemies. After creating a spell you won’t have to worry about remembering the exact combination needed to produce it. The game will save the spell combo for you.

It is recommended to always have elemental magic in combat since it deals significant damage and can easily turn the tide of battle.

Weather Effects

A particularly interesting aspect of elemental magic in FFXV is the effect climate generates. Depending on the current weather your spells can generate additional effects or the weather may actually weaken them. For example, if you use a spell causing fire damage that spell may set fire to an area if the climate is particularly dry while during a storm a thunder spell will generate a stronger effect

Available Crafting Spells

Spell Effect Energy Item
Unicast Casts Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder Ice + Fire + Lighting
Fire Casts Fire-based elemental damage Fire
Thunder Casts electricity-based elemental damage Lighting
Blizzard Casts Ice-based elemental damage Ice
Dualcast: Fire Casts Fire up to two times Fire Hard Whiskers, Sheep Milk
Dualcast: Thunder Casts Thunder up to two times Lighting Hard Whiskers
Dualcast: Blizzard Casts Blizzard up to two times Ice Hard Whiskers, Sheep Milk
Dualcast: Blizzard-Thunder Casts Blizzard, then Blizzard or Thunder at random Ice + Lighting Hard Whiskers, Sheep Milk
Tricast: Fire Casts Fire up to three times Fire Phoenix Down, Elixir, Leiden Potato
Tricast: Thunder Casts Thunder up to three times Lighting Phoenix Down, Elixir, Leiden Potato
Tricast: Blizzard Casts Blizzard up to three times Fire Phoenix Down, Elixir, Leiden Potato
Tricast: Blizzard-Thunder Casts Blizzard, then Blizzard and Thunder at random, up to two times Ice + Lighting Elixir
Healcast: Fire Smites with Fire while healing the caster Fire Potion
Healcast: Thunder Smites with Thunder while healing the caster Lighting Potion
Healcast: Blizzard Smites with Blizzard while healing the caster Ice Potion
Venomcast: Fire Casts Fire imbued with the power to poison Fire Scorpion Barb, Funguar
Venomcast: Thunder Casts Thunder imbued with the power to poison Lighting Scorpion Barb, Funguar
Venomcast: Blizzard Casts Blizzard imbued with the power to poison Ice Scorpion Barb, Funguar

Ring Magic

Ring of Lucii

Ring of Lucii

The protagonist of FFXV is Noctis Lucis Caelum. As the heir to the throne of the kingdom of Lucis, Noctis’ royal blood gives him special powers and access to powerful artifacts including royal arms and the Ring of Lucii.

Noctis can cast ring magic after receiving the Ring of Lucii from Lunar Freya. Imbued with special powers, the ring allows Noctis to use powerful spells without any limits on the number of times he can use. This ring magic will separate him from the rest of cast and gives him the central role in combat. Although currently only one spell is certainly confirmed, there should be a handful of ring magic available in the game.

Ring Magic In Combat

Details revealed have shown a certain spell Noctis can use, the death spell. It slowly sucks enemy life until it is completely annihilated while recovering some amount of HP to the caster. Unlike the elemental magics, Noctis can use this type of spell as much as he wants with the cost of MP. In addition, spells cast with the Ring of Lucii are considered non-elemental.

The spells from the Ring of Lucii are expected to bear a resemblance to spells in previous Final Fantasy games such as Gravity, Ultima, Meteor, and even support skills like Haste, Reflect, and Protect. Although the Ring of Lucii spells are powerful, there are dangers involved. If players aren’t carefully casting the spell, it can actually harm the party itself.