The world of Final Fantasy XV is huge. It comprises of numerous small cities, settlements, havens, at least 4 major cities, mountain, dungeons, tombs, forest, sea, and much more. Refer to dualshockers, the estimated world map size is around 786.4 square mile (2,036.8 square km) making it be several times bigger than other popular RPGs like GTA 5 and the Witcher 3.

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So far, not much information on the world map has been revealed yet. It is possible that Niflheim, the sworn enemy to kingdom Lucis, is located in the farthest east while Lucis and Duecas Region should be located in the East. It is still not sure where Altissia and Tenebrae are located.

Some locations are only accessible by air though the upgraded flying Regalia at a later part of the game.

Final Fantasy XV story starts at the Duscae Region in the East. After that, the party should travel around to Insomnia, the capital of Lucis, meet Lunarfreya at Altissia, fight Niflheim in the west, and then possibly fly to a specific location to fight a final boss made by the stolen crystal.

Inside the game, World map can be seen by going to “Map” menu where current areas altogether with other points of interest, visited locations, quest spots, and more are displayed.

world map sample

Noctis_Caelum from inserted locations to FFXV worldmap based on his ideas

Major Cities

As of now, we only know 4 important cities in Final Fantasy XV as followings:


The capital city of Lucis where the world’s last crystal is located inside the royal palace in the middle of the city, Insomnia is the homeland of prince Noctis where the story of Final Fantasy XV begins. Insomnia design is based on Shinjuku and Tokyo Metropolitan Government building for the royal palace.


The enemy nation of Lucis, Niflhelm launches an attack in order to take the world crystal. Niflhelm is derived from the Norse Mythology “the mist world”. It should be located somewhere in the farthest west.


The home city of the last oracle, Lunafreya, Tenebrae is currently under the control of Niflhelm from their attack 12 years ago. Tenebrae is like an old school style from the fantasy world surrounded by green mountains and a floating castle.


The capital city of Accordo, Altissia is a assemble point between price Noctis and lady Lunarfreya. The city is based on Venice in Italy with canals inside and even a coliseum for the monster fight betting minigame. Leviathan is also first seen here.

ffxv world map

Size of Final Fantasy XV World made by when comparing to other popular titles

Points of Interest


Diner is an important place to update points of interest in the map such as including camping havens, parking spots, outposts,elemental magic gathering locations, mining, treasures spot, and more. It is also a place to receive a hunting side quest.

Diner is located in almost every settlements throughout the world of EOS. It should be the very first place you go and have the map updated. In addition, cooking menu can be purchased here as well for an addition food buff. Hunting quests, map update, and meals in each diner is different.

Item Shop

This is the main source of consumable items, cooking materials, treasure, Regalia parts, and other interesting items such as fishing equipment. Common consumable items such as potions are sold in any item shops. However, different item shops provide different cooking ingredient materials and Regalia parts.

Camping Haven

Camping haven is where Noctis and his buddies can rest throughout the night. A player can decide to rest at every time and will wake up at 6am in the morning. Resting in FFXV is the only way to accumulate EXP throughout the day and level the characters. While camping, Ignis will cook for the party providing additional food buffs for the next day.

Also, a player can have a training with Gladiolus inside the camping haven. This rewards with slight EXP (for only Noctis and Gladiolus) and ability points.

Latest camping haven can be fast travel back instantly and it is usually located in the middle of nowhere.

Chocobo Rental

Currently, there is not much information on the Chocobo Rental. It should be a place where a party rents a Chocobo after doing a certain chocobo side quests. Unlike Chocobo Outpost, chocobo related items are not available here.

Parking Spot

Although a player can park the Regalia anywhere, a parking spot is one of the places that a player can go with an automatic driving mode.


Lodge is similar to camping haven where a player can rest and eat with three differences. First, a training course with Gladiolus is unavailable in any lodging. Second, it comes with a cost which is different based on locations. Mobile lodge costs as minimal as 30 gil whereas staying in a luxurious hotel is 10,000 gil per night. Third. it provides experience buff throughout the next day.

Lodging locations usually can be found inside or near a settlement.

Equipment Shops

It is the same as item shops but sells armors and weapons instead.

Gas Station

It is the only place where a player can fill up gas for the Regalia. It usually costs 10 gil.


The current known garage in the game is located at Hammer Head, which is where Cid and Cindy stay. A player can repair and customize Regalia here.

Fishing Spot

Noctis can sharpen his fishing skill and fish here. Fish is an important cooking ingredient in Final Fantasy XV. Each different fishing spot provides different types of fish. Usually, there’s an item shop selling fishing equipment such as bait, line, and rod, nearby a fishing spot

Fire/Ice/Thunder Elemental Energy

These are places where a player can gather elemental energies and later combine it for elemental spells such as Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder. Normally, these three elemental energy nodes are located nearby around the camping haven area. Around 30 energies can be obtained from each node, and there are respawned in a few days.

Cooking Materials

A free resource to obtain cooking materials. Similar to elemental energies, cooking material spots can be gathered again within a few days.

Treasure Spot

Items found in the treasure spots range from consumable items to junks, weapons, accessories, and so on. Similar to cooking materials, a player can visit a treasure spot a few days later and obtain new items.

Mining Spot (Painting Spot)

Items to customize Regalia can be found in these spots, and a player can revisit them again a few days later.

Chocobo Outpost

It is a chocobo stable that a player can rent and take care of chocobos here. Chocobo outpost does not only sell chocobo related items, Ignis’ cooking ingredients, and other normal items can also be found here as well. In addition, it is a quest hub for chocobo related quests and minigames. A player can also rest at some outposts.

Map icons based on the Judgement Disc Demo

Map icons based on the Judgement Disc Demo