One of the most eagerly anticipated games of this console generation, Final Fantasy XV is almost here. To better prepare yourself for Square Enix’s role-playing epic, which release on November 29, you’ll want to get familiar with the staggering number of preorder options and bonuses available.

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Whether you’ve been playing Final Fantasy games on your Playstation consoles since FFVII, or are new to the series and plan on grinding through it on your Xbox One, Square Enix has a preorder incentive for every kind of fan.

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Playstation 4/Xbox Digital Pre-Order Edition

      • $59.99
      • Final Fantasy XV
      • Masamune DLC
      • 16-bit Buddies car recolor
      • Angler set fishing toolbox
      • Order here for Xbox and here for Playstation 4

Consumers looking to rid themselves of bulky Collector’s Edition boxes and physical media in general would be well advised to pre-order the Digital Premium Edition. As is typical with a major release such as this one, each console gets exclusive pre-order content that only serve to stoke the flames of the console wars.

Playstation 4 Digital Premium Edition from Playstation Network Store

      • $84.99
      • Final Fantasy XV
      • DLC Season Pass
      • PS4 Exclusive Final Fantasy XV “Big Bang” Theme
      • Final Fantasy XV Home Screen Theme
      • Masamune DLC
      • 16-bit Buddies car recolor
      • Angler set fishing toolbox.
      • Order from PS Store directly

Xbox One Digital Premium Edition from Xbox Store

      • $84.99
      • Final Fantasy XV
      • DLC Season Pass
      • Masamune DLC
      • 16-bit Buddies car recolor
      • Angler set fishing toolbox
      • Order from Xbox Store directly.

The Season Pass DLC will give you access to all 6 pieces of downloadable content that Square Enix will release following the games November 29th release.

Every major brick and mortar retailer wants a piece of the Final Fantasy pie, and Square Enix is only so happy to let them all indulge. Target, Best Buy, Gamestop, Amazon and etc all want your money, but which one of them has the enticing pre-order goodies to really earn it?

Each of the five retailers offers the Day One edition of the game, which Masamune DLC sword proclaiming the fact that you bought the game on Day One.

The retailer specific bonuses are surprisingly sparse, with only Gamestop offering something to sweeten the pot. A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV is a 2D mini-game with a classic, retro style that is exclusive to Gamestop in the United States.

Final Fantasy XV completionists will definitely want to consider to pre-order their copy at Gamestop, or risk missing out on this unique piece of content.

Xbox One/Playstation 4 Day One Edition

      • $59.99 USD
      • Final Fantasy XV
      • Masamune DLC
      • A Kings Tale: Final Fantasy XV Game Download (Gamestop exclusive)

The Day One version may be just fine for some, but Final Fantasy fanatics who want to get their hands on a more robust package will almost certainly be interested in the Deluxe Edition. Thankfully, both console versions offer the same collectible items, so fans of the game who own both systems won’t have to make a tough decision on which platform to play the game.

Xbox One/Playstation 4 Deluxe Edition

      • $89.99 USD
      • Final Fantasy XV
      • 2 disc Steelbook case that includes the game and a Blu-ray copy of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
      • Masamune DLC
      • Royal Raiment DLC costume
      • Leviathan car recolor

If the Deluxe Edition doesn’t seem like an attractive package, you could always join the waiting list to preorder the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Only available on Square Enix’ online store, and currently out of stock, the Ultimate Collector’s Edition is an enticing package for Final Fantasy devotees.

Playstation 4/Xbox One Ultimate Collector’s Edition from Square Enix Online Store

      • $269.99
      • Everything included in the Deluxe Edition
      • 2 disc Steelbook case that includes the official Blu-ray Disc Music and Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV
      • 192 page hard cover art book
      • PLAY ARTS KAI Noctis Figure

The Ultimate Collector’s Edition is limited to just 30,000 units worldwide, so it’s definitely going to be in short supply. As an added bonus for anyone preordering from the Square Enix online store, every version of Final Fantasy XV will also include a set of five exclusive postcards.

Square Enix has been working on Final Fantasy XV, in one form or another, for more than a decade. On November 29, the fruits of their labor will finally be tasted by players looking for their next grand adventure. Preordering the game is the best way to guarantee you’ll be playing it on launch day with millions of others, and not left staring at an empty shelf at your favourite store.

Digital Pre-Order Xbox Digital Premium PS Digital Premium Day One Deluxe Ultimate Collector’s
Price $59.99 $84.99 $84.99 $59.99 $89.99 $269.99
Final Fantasy XV Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Masamune DLC Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
16-bit Buddies car recolor Yes Yes Yes No No No
Angler set fishing toolbox Yes Yes Yes No No No
DLC Season Pass No Yes Yes No No No
Exclusive “Big Bang” Theme No No Yes No No No
Home Screen Theme No No Yes No No No
Steelbook cases with Kingsglaive No No No No Yes Yes
Royal Raiment DLC No No No No Yes Yes
Leviathan car recolor No No No No Yes Yes
Steelbook cases with Music and Brotherhood No No No No No Yes
192 page hard cover artbook No No No No No Yes
Noctis Figure No No No No No Yes
Where to Purchase Xbox/PS Store Xbox Store PS Store Square Enix Store, Bestbuy, Gamestop, Amazon, Etc.