Story in Final Fantasy XV is progressed through quest system that can be separated into two categories: main quests, side quests. As the name suggested, a player need to complete main quests in order to advance further in the story. Side quests, on the other hand, is an optional quest providing addition rewards such as gil and items. Although side quests are an important source of exp, gil, and item, it’s a player choice whether to complete them or not.

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Because of the time system, story events in Final Fantasy XV can occur both at day or night based on the time a player reach a certain location. The story with remain the same though.

Main Quests with 16 Chapters

Final Fantasy XV is an open-world game especially during the first half. A player can decide for themselves where do they want to go with Regalia and what to do. However, the later part of the game will be quite linear where a player need to follow an exact patterns in order to progress the game.

Quest types can be indicated by icon colors. Main quests will be marked in red whereas side quests will be marked in a different colors depend on the quest type. For example, a hunting quest will be in yellow while weapon upgrading one will be in green.

There are 16 chapters in Final Fantasy XV from 0 to 15. The first part are quite open lying around finding 13 royal arms hidden inside royal tombs all around the world of Eos. After that, they will be more linear in a traditional Final Fantasy series.

Quests in each main quests are also different from talking to a specific NPC, obtaining quest items, killing monsters, reaching a certain location, to sneaking into a bird nest or even infiltrating to an enemy camp.

3 Types of Side Quests

Side quests can be further separated into three types: hunting, regional, and only-for-fun. The diner’s NPC is a main hub for hunting quest. It is similar to the way Monster Hunter works. Monster difficulty is indicated by star, each give different gil and experience. Also indicated in the hunting list is a recommended level for each monster. More hunting quests will be unlocked when a player hunter rank is increased.

Regional quests such as weapon upgrading quest, with a powerful weapon rewards, can be unlocked when a player reaches a certain point and location. As the name imply, only-for-fun quests, such as fishing and chocobo racing, do not give any noticeable rewards but only enjoyment.

In some quests, a player have an option to decide the flow of conversation. If answer correctly, AP (ability points) or EXP will be provided. However, no matter what a player answers, it leads to the same conclusion and event.

There are over 200 sidequests available in Final Fantasy XV. Normally, it would take around 40 hours of playtime from main quests alone and can easily be over 200 hours for a completionist who want to finish the game perfectly.

Quest progressions can be tracked in the “quest” menu. Completed quests as well as quests in progress will be displayed here together with objectives and locations.

Hunting Quests

Hunting quest in Final Fantasy XV is a good source of Gil and practice characters combat ability. It  can be accepted from a diner NPC. Upon completion, a player obtains a significant amount of Gil, item, and a hunting rank as rewarded. Please note that after the first hunt, the amount of Gil will decrease significantly and a hunting rank will no longer come as a reward.

Before accepting the hunt, a player can see a list of rewards clearly including recommended level, required hunting rank, and hunting condition. Different monsters appear at a different time of the day. Some can be found all days and nights, some only appears during the day, and some only at night (after 7pm). Also, a hunting quest can be accepted only once at a time (even though different diner NPC)

Normally, targeted monsters will be located nearby the quest giver. It is recommended to start hunting right away after meeting a new diner NPC (Go to hunt, and then fast travel back to the Regalia). However, be careful that the targeted monster level should not be too much higher than characters’ levels. And it is not necessary to accept the same hunting quest after beating it since the number of gil drops significantly.

Different diner NPCs provide different hunting quests.


accept hunting quest at diner