Regalia is a main medium of transportation during the road trip in the World of Eos. Given to Noctis by the King Regis, it is a symbol of father’s love that’s always be with his son during his life-changing journey. According to Hajime Tabata, the idea of Regalia comes from his significant memory he shares with his father.

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At a later point in the game, Regalia can be upgraded into an iconic airship in Final Fantasy series that can tremendously increase traveling speed and take Noctis’ party to a place that is inaccessible by land.

Regalia plays an important part in the game story telling since an early game. One of the very first missions is even related to the car itself. The car’s truck acts like a party’s personal storage.


Those who are looking for the type of Need for Speed style will be disappointed. The ability to drive Regalia is quite limited. It cannot go off-road or crash with other cars. The only thing a player can do is to drive normally: accelerate, brake, reverse, u-turn, and park. If a player tries to go off-road or crash with other cars, the game will force back to the normal route preventing all kinds of accident.

FFXV Regalia Controller Guide

The car can be driven both automatically and manually. Ignis, Noctis’ royal bodyguard, is a driver when an automatic driving mode is activated, and Noctis for a manual mode. Before driving the Regalia, you have three options between:

  1. Automatic Driving Mode
  2. Continuous Automatic Driving Mode to a destination
  3. Manual Driving Mode

In the automatic driving mode, a player can ask Ignis to drive to a quest location, both main and side quests, and parking spots, and the shortest route will be taken automatically. However, you still have an option to control the car such as brake, take a u-turn, change music disc, and even park it. After parking, a player can resume an automatic driving mode to a previous location immediately.

Do not expect anything much to a manual driving mode. The speed is quite limited making the trip to be significantly slower than an automatic driving mode. It is still good at some point if a player decides to drive to a nearby location eg for items that cannot go with an automatic driving mode. At night, a player needs to drive Regalia manually since Ignis is too afraid of Demons. However, there’s still an option to drive back automatically to a nearest town.

The game tries to give the driving atmosphere as real as possible by adding various conversations when the party passes certain locations. In addition, a player need to fill up gas at a gas station or some parking spots before it runs out. If a gas runs out during the journey, a player has an option to “fast travel” it to Hammerhead.

Gas can be filled out at any parking locations with a petrol filling machine at the fixed cost of 10 gil, no matter how empty your gas tank it.

Fast Travel with Regalia

A player can fast travel back to Regalia anytime he wants though a map menu without any cost. This can save time significantly. Remember that time in Final Fantasy XV is precious. Spending too much time traveling is equal to losing food buffs and stamina. In addition, a player can travel back with Regalia to Hammerhead as well (cost 100 gils).

Customizing the Regalia

Where to Obtain Parts

There are mainly three ways to obtain parts for customizing the Regalia. First, a player can buy it from certain NPCs, mostly at gas stations. The first NPC is located inside a garage in Hammerhead. The second way is from, strangely, monster drop. And the last one is from treasure spot which could be found throughout EOS. Talk to an NPC at diners to have your map updated.

How to Customize

At present, Cindy is the only person that can customize the Regalia. She always stays at the Hammerhead. After talking to her, you have an option to either maintain the car or to customize it.

Almost the whole body of Regalia, both inside and outside can be customized. A player can choose to change its outside body color to wheel, and interior design. Some component like a spoiler can be added as well as stickers.


Regalia is a medium size sedan in black, both in and outside with customization choices, including parts for changing specifications and colors on interior, exterior, and wheel. Skins are also available as well such as Cindy edition, Golden Chocobo edition, Platinum Leviathan edition, 16 bit edition, and so on through various game editions.

Available Skins:

16-bit recolor – from Digital Pre-Order

Leviathan – from Deluxe and Ultimate Collection

Regalia Platinum Leviathan Skin
Golden Chocobo – currently only available in Japan at Game Tsutaya

Regalia Golden Chocobo Skin
Cindy – currently only available in Japan at GEO
Regalia Cindy Skin