Story and Lore

“For centuries the sacred magic of the divine crystal bless our world and its people. But in time the promise of its power brought war to our lands. Lucis, a peaceful kingdom of great magic kept safe by the power of the crystal. And Niflheim, a military empire of vast machinery made strong by the might of its magitek. Long has war raged between the two. As the years passed, Niflheim marched on nearby nations driven by its unsurpassed technology.

To defend itself, Lucis raised a magical wall, the strength of which comes from the crystal itself. Insomnia alone, the crown city and last bastion of Lucian defense remained beyong Niflheim reach for many years.

Amid the escalating war, prince Noctis of Lucis had come to Tenebrae to seek healing for a grievous injury. He made the long journey together with his father, King Regis. Mother, brother, and I, the royalty of Tenebrae had all welcomed their visit. It was then that the fires came, everywhere and all at once.

In a mere instant, the whole of Tenebrae was ablaze. The Niflheim attack was an attempht on the lives of the vising Lucian royalty. From that day until this day, Tenebrae has been gripped in the iron fist of Niflheim, sword enemy of Lucis.”

By Lunafreya from the Kingsglave.

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Divine crystal, once possessed by all countries, has blessed the world of Eos and its people for very long time. Because of its great power, it also brought wars upon all nations around the world. Lucis became the only country left that is still holding the crystal. To protect themselves from other nations, King Regis, Lucis’ King, uses the power of crystal to create a powerful magic barrier on their capital and last resort, the city of Insomnia.

Niflheim, the greatest nation with advance technology and machinery, have been longing to seek the world last’s crystal for many years. Instead of attacking Insomnia by force, they came up with a plan to do it from within. Niflheim offers a treaty agreement with Lucis by having the crown’s price Noctis marry Lunafreya, the last oracle and the royal bloodline from Tenebrae that is currently under Niflheim’s dominion.

To keep his son who is also the destiny child safe before the invasion of Niflheim, King Regis sent Noctis out to meet his childhood friend and bride-to-be Lunafreya at Altissia with his 3 loyal friends, Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto.

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